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Common Stormwater Acronyms

Below is a partial list of common stormwater acronyms:

ARAP Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit

BMP Best Management Practice

CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act

CGP Construction General Permit

CWA Clean Water Act

EFO Environmental Field Office

EPA (U.S.) Environmental Protection Agency

EPSC Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control

MS4 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System

NOC Notice of Coverage

NOI Notice of Intent

NOT Notice of Termination

NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

ONRW Outstanding National Resource Waters

POTW Publicly Owned Treatment Works

SWPPP Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

TDEC Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

TDOT Tennessee Department of Transportation

TMDL Total Maximum Daily Load

TMSP Tennessee Multi-Sector General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater from an Industrial Activity

TWQCA Tennessee Water Quality Control Act

UIC Underground Injection Control

USGS United States Geological Survey